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All open Transport fine

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1975 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible KY 42642 FL 33771

1968 GTO Convertible CA 94024 FL 33771

1987 Cutlass Sierra Cruiser Wagon MA 11221 LA 70448

1990 GMC sb 4x4 stock WA 99218 CA 94618

1988 Jeep Wrangler CA 94501 MO 65010

1994 Trans Am Convertible MA 02601 to MI 48127

1950's Ford Wrecker Lake Havasu 86403 UT 84025 [have image]

1973 GMC 3500 Dually Reno NV 89501 UT 84025 Dually [ have image ]

1987 Toyota Van ABQ NM to Los Angeles, 90029


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Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

Whether you’re moving your car, shipping your RV, or transporting your motorcycle, our carriers consider it their precious cargo as well. Follow these important steps to ensure that it arrives well at its new home.

Be sure that your vehicle is operable and safe.
Required is the following to safely load and unload your vehicle:

  • One set of ALL keys for the vehicle;
  • No less than ¼-tank of gas, but no more than a ½-tank;
  • At least four inches (4”) of ground clearance;
  • Driver’s side door and window in proper working condition;
  • Battery secure in the mounting bracket;
  • Working brakes, and emergency brake if manual transmission;
  • No fluid leaks as damage caused will result in additional charges; and
  • please let us know of any modifications made to your vehicle, such as 4x4 lift kits, lowered suspensions, camper tops, and so on.

Be sure that your vehicle is clean and empty.
A preliminary vehicle inspection will be performed at both the origin and destination. And you or your auto transport representative, must be present at both times to confirm and sign the bill of lading and condition report.

In order to perform a quality inspection,

  • Clean your car inside and out so that existing scratches and blemishes can be noted;
  • disconnect all alarm systems,

and remove the following:

  • all antennas, unless they can be fully retracted;
  • unmounted radios, CD or cassette decks, and car phones;
  • garage door openers, gate openers, and toll tag passes;
  • personal belongings, with the exception of standard vehicle items, such as a jack and spare tire;
  • all non-permanent luggage, bike, and ski racks; and
  • all exterior spare tire, grill, and car covers.

Federal law prohibits the shipment of persoanl items, household goods, plants, hazardous materials, and firearms.

Be sure that your vehicle is ready for its new home.
Prepare your vehicle for the weather and climate in its destination. This may include anything from engine coolant to snow tires. A licensed mechanic will be able to tell you more.

Special deliveries and circumstances.
If your vehicle is pre-1980,  or exceeds the height limit of seven feet (7’), has non factory tires and modifications and even if it is inoperable, we may able to ship it. Special handling fees will apply. Please be sure to include anything such as the above in your intitial quote request in the comment form area located at the bottom of our quote form.