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The Process of Auto Transport

Please keep in mind that the Auto Transport Industry has been around since Henry Ford and was not built for eBay Buyers on the internet -laugh- The truth Only Trucks move vehicles, and getting MORE QUOTES will also increase the price, not lower it.

And Texting, Emails or Phone calls do NOT move things any faster by checking on status, please understand.

And today it is done "on the Web"

 Trucking is Contract business which is paid by the mile and not the hour also, so the moment I can get you lined up and assigned for transport, the Carrier wants it on and off the truck worse that you do, so they can re-sell that spot and keep moving.

And also there are 300+ million people in the USA in the lower 48 states easily, and just because you just bought something, paid a deposit in 20 seconds, maybe banked wired it in 2 hours or less and it is ready, no auto carrier even had a clue that you would "Want This Now" -smile- Only YOU knew first ~~

They are Drivers, not Mind Readers :-) And long before your shipment, they had a truck-trailer and a business they needed to keep afloat, and their mainstay is Dealers, Auctions and auto realated industries, again, not us "impulse buyers" -smile-

Here is the recommended industry standard for "longer hauls" = booking 1-2 weeks in advance. 1-2 weeks?

And I'll be dealing direct with the carrier on Your Behalf, and can Arrange Transport below the broker rates and get it to you for less and in a much shorter time frame whenever possible.

Now, what Auto Transport is NOT?

1)    It is not PayPal where the "deal is complete" in 5 seconds
2)    it is not a Bank Wire where it's complete in 2 hours or less
3)    It is NOT the United States Postal service which a carrier is in your area same time daily paid by the Government
4)    It is NOT FedEx or UPS where you "pay a premium and it's loaded air freight" and delivered to a local Hub near the destination and then tossed on a smaller truck to get to you.
5)    It is Not Amtrak {where items and passengers load and unload on a schedule at a station} Nor is it an Airlines where YES, you must also board and exit again from a predetermined location (airports) or a Greyhound bus which sticks to routes and picks up passengers at "set locations"

    All the examples in #5 run and stay on predetermined routes!! As well as have been finacially aided by the government {YOU} at some point in history.

But, Auto Transport is more like a bus system and they fill spots...and like "back in the Andy of Mayberry days" The bus would often detour off its main route. Stop in Mayberry instead of having to get to Mount Pilot (a larger city)

 Trucks can do that (smile) but a full size semi cost to operate minimum = $ 1.38 for each mile traveled as well as just think if truckers were paid by the hour? They'd be "stuck in traffic" {excuse} all the time, and nothing in this country would move.





Feel free to request a quote now and we'll contact our drivers that run this route.






Feel free to request a quote now and we'll contact our drivers that run this route.